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00:11 Hakuba 15 footer Hakuba 15 footer

A small 15 footer that I should've done bigger. The way in was trickier than it looked.

00:15 Nozawa Onsen super light powder Nozawa Onsen super light powder

This is a chute at Nozawa very deep 40 degrees or more great run super light powder at 4pm.

00:15 Happo BC Trees Happo BC Trees

This is the wife skiing some of her daisuki trees. She is finnally looking at all the holes and timing her turns.

00:15 Hakuba chute Hakuba chute

The wife in a nice wide open chute.

00:15 Hakuba chute 3 Hakuba chute 3

A North chute in Hakuba a nice line with four 7 footer hits to choose from.

00:06 Takasu Slopestyle Takasu Slopestyle

Takasu just little jumps in the slopestyle

00:15 Hakuba Cortina Kokusai in Nagano Hakuba Cortina Kokusai in Nagano

This was taken at Cortina part one of a 30 second clip. I was so sick that day after mex food the night before. That week was sick powder it snowed at least 20cms everyday.

00:12 Nagano backcountry Nagano backcountry

This video is of my wife skiing a nice Backcountry line open.

00:12 Dynaland jump Dynaland jump

Jump off of the Dynaland big booter. April 1st. Landed the first one but couldnt land the money shot.