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09:43 Rusutsu Gondola Run Rusutsu Gondola Run

This is a bit of fun in the trees under one of the gondolas at Rusutsu. Includes the inevitable walk-out.

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00:34 Rusutsu 3rd January Rusutsu 3rd January

A short clip from the 'Rusutsu No.1' course

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02:05 Rusutsu Rusutsu

Rusutsu last season with the crew

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00:44 Heavenly Rusutsu Heavenly Rusutsu

Clip from the Rusutsu resort in Hokkaido. Originally uploaded by phool

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01:38 Dogsled at Rusutsu Dogsled at Rusutsu

Short clip of dog sled at Rusutsu

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01:01 Rusutsu, Feb 1, Rusutsu, Feb 1,

Another great day of powder

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02:27 Rusutsu Rusutsu

From a previous season

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06:52 Iain In the Trees at Rusutsu Iain In the Trees at Rusutsu

Our first attempt at headcam snowboarding. Iain is the big fella that sometimes appears at the left of view.

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03:02 Rusutsu Jan 2012 Rusutsu Jan 2012

A short run off the West Tiger Pair

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