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01:38 Dogsled at Rusutsu Dogsled at Rusutsu

Short clip of dog sled at Rusutsu

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01:16 Tree smash Tree smash

Exclusive tree smash

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02:54 Japan Backcountry Japan Backcountry

Sledding/hiking to access the freshies in Hokkaido

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04:16 Kagura in slo-mo Kagura in slo-mo

An easy day skiing at Kagura in the sunshine!

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04:10 Downhill course at Gala Yuzawa Downhill course at Gala Yuzawa

The downhill course at Gala Yuzawa, Yuzawa, Niigata

Views: 7700
04:14 Shiga Kogen 2011 Shiga Kogen 2011

These may not appear too radical for some but we are all over 60 and still learning!

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00:40 The top run at Gala Yuzawa The top run at Gala Yuzawa

Clip taken from the very top run at Gala Yuzawa in Yuzawa, Niigata.

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00:15 Snowbird 06-26 Snowbird 06-26

Flipping, Utah

Views: 859
00:11 Simple board grab Simple board grab

Clip originally uploaded by bobby12

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