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03:19 Kandatsu Kogen (Pine Ridge Resorts) Kandatsu Kogen (Pine Ridge Resorts)

Clip from Kandatsu Kogen when it used to be known as Pine Ridge Resorts Kandatsu

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00:15 Hakuba chute 2 Hakuba chute 2

Part 2 of a North chute in Hakuba a nice line with four 7 footer hits to choose from.

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00:24 Yuzawa timelapse Yuzawa timelapse

January 2010

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00:21 Myoko Suginohara in Niigata Prefecture Myoko Suginohara in Niigata Prefecture

Myoko Suginohara. Originally uploaded by stoke

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00:22 Yuzawa timelapse Yuzawa timelapse

Yuzawa timelapse

Views: 358
00:14 Pop and bosh Pop and bosh

How to get a face full of snow and board!

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03:05 Opening day Opening day

Friend dropped a tip that Okunakayama is FREE on opening day. Only Americans there-gotta love it!...

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02:45 Hakuba 2009 Hakuba 2009

Hakuba 2009

Views: 406
01:54 A Niseko Story - Part 1 A Niseko Story - Part 1

Some stuff from Niseko, Japan

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