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00:15 Nozawa Onsen super light powder Nozawa Onsen super light powder

This is a chute at Nozawa very deep 40 degrees or more great run super light powder at 4pm.

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00:05 Hakuba Hakuba

Clip originally uploaded by FORUM

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00:14 Nozawa Onsen powder Nozawa Onsen powder

Clip originally uploaded by sven.

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00:09 Unknown Unknown

To be updated later

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00:34 Myoko action Myoko action

Having fun at Myoko, Niigata

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00:18 Miharashi Backside Niseko Miharashi Backside Niseko

Ikeno-kun off the cornice into the chute nothing but powder.

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10:27 Hakuba Japan and touring Hakuba Japan and touring

Three weeks skiing in Hakuba with excellent conditions plus some touring in Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto

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00:11 Snow Town Yeti, 2010.10.23 Snow Town Yeti, 2010.10.23

Snow Town Yeti, 2010.10.23

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01:53 Tanne-no-mori, Shiga Kogen Tanne-no-mori, Shiga Kogen

Hans Filming, Tanne-no-mori, Shiga Kogen

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