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00:39 Madarao Kogen Madarao Kogen

Madarao Kogen

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01:25 Run from the top of Niseko Run from the top of Niseko

Run from the top of Niseko

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04:12 Kagura - the Tashiro area Kagura - the Tashiro area

The Tashiro area of the Kagura resort in Yuzawa, Niigata

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00:15 Nice spot at Nozawa Onsen Nice spot at Nozawa Onsen

Nozawa powder

Views: 650
01:24 Getou Kogen in Iwate Getou Kogen in Iwate

Clip originally uploaded by Shimba

Views: 667
01:59 Hachimantai Backcountry Hachimantai Backcountry

Hachimantai Backcountry, originally uploaded by Shimba.

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00:24 Yuzawa timelapse Yuzawa timelapse

Yuzawa timelapse, January 2010

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02:11 Niseko snow Niseko snow


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01:30 Moiwa powder stash Niseko Moiwa powder stash Niseko

A couple of the guys through the pow in Moiwa

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