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00:12 Hakuba 47 Hakuba 47

Originally uploaded by barok

Views: 733
00:29 Niseko Hokkaido Niseko Hokkaido

Originally uploaded by puretele

Views: 702
00:22 Yuzawa timelapse Yuzawa timelapse

Yuzawa timelapse

Views: 426
01:22 Niseko BC run Niseko BC run

A late afternoon run in the Niseko BC

Views: 1145
04:08 Niseko Royale Niseko Royale

Niskeo area including Rusutsu

Views: 2012
03:38 Niseko Niseko! Niseko Niseko!


Views: 444
00:14 Pop and bosh Pop and bosh

How to get a face full of snow and board!

Views: 615
00:26 Tazawako in Akita 2007 Tazawako in Akita 2007

A brief clip of a good snow day at Tazawako in Akita.

Views: 786
06:25 Super Baka in Land of the Ainu Super Baka in Land of the Ainu

Up trees & down chutes, even on bus tops, we get down with the snow and nature (both built and natural) gets down with our bodies

Views: 514