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00:22 BPG jump BPG jump

BPG jump

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03:05 Opening day Opening day

Friend dropped a tip that Okunakayama is FREE on opening day. Only Americans there-gotta love it!...

Views: 683
05:20 Cheeseman NZ Cheeseman NZ

cheeseman in nz... skiing with our friend kenji...

Views: 400
01:20 Naqua Shirakami in Aomori Prefecture Naqua Shirakami in Aomori Prefecture

Scenes from Naqua

Views: 4083
02:45 Hakuba 2009 Hakuba 2009

Hakuba 2009

Views: 427
00:32 Madarao Pow Pow Madarao Pow Pow

Short clip of pow in Madarao

Views: 727
02:08 Marunuma fluffies Marunuma fluffies

12-10-2010 Pleasantly surprised at Marunuma

Views: 795
00:47 Hakkai-san Ropeway --- fast! Hakkai-san Ropeway --- fast!

This thing is FAST!

Views: 611
02:42 Crusty Crusty

Terakoya in Shiga Kogen

Views: 580